Lost & Found Items At Convergence

After Convergence this page is intended to have information about lost&found items (it may take a week to be updated after Convergence finishes, please be patient).

If you put your name and phone number on things you're much more likely to get them back.


Thank you everyone for taking care of your things so well this year!

Very few things were left behind. For a few personal items owners could be found by a name on the items, the rest was of low value and has been given away to the op shop. If you're still missing something, its location in the universe is likely to be unknown.


Again, no Convergence, no lost&found. (The group who spent New Year 2021/22 at Journey's End had their own lost&found, and all items have either been claimed or been disposed of.)


No Convergence, so nothing was left behind…


Relatively few things were left behind. They were taken to the post-Convergence potluck at Robert Totty's place.

Kate has the remaining items for a little longer. katejtester@gmail.com


Nobody volunteered to take the found items with them, look after them, and be contact person for those looking for their missing things. Therefore, everything was given away at the end of pack-up, with the proviso that if an owner is found, the item has to be returned. Clothing still left over by then was taken to an op-shop.

This system is far from ideal, but we had to do something fast and without much time for discussion. The biggest problem was items moved onto the found pile while their owner was helping with pack-up. That won't happen again next time. We're happy to collect suggestions of how to organise lost+found. They have to take practicalities into account and involve a minimum amount of volunteer time.



These items went missing at the end of that Convergence and haven't been seen since.

Lost, not yet found:

Found items not claimed by the end of 2018 have probably been disposed of by now.

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