Convergence Notices

What it's for

This is for notices to do with Convergence and supplements the newsletter that comes out 4–5 times a year. We expect notices to be sent no more than once a week, less frequent during most of the year. (E.g. there were 14 during 2017, and 17 during 2018 and 2019.)

For example, there'll be announcements of mini gatherings, Convergence potlucks, what to expect at or bring to the next Convergence, etc.

Who it's for

Everyone who is interested in Convergence, wants to participate during the year, or is planning to come to the next Convergence.

How does it work?

Notices are emailed. To receive these emails, subscribe here with your name and email address.

Emails have “[ConvNotice]” in the subject, for those who wish to use automatic filtering into folders in their email program. If you receive the list emails, which are also identified by their signature, you are subscribed.

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