Discussing, Coordinating and Organising Convergence

What it's for

This is for discussion, organisation, and coordination of anything to do with Convergence. For example this is a place to discuss ideas for improving Convergence, to ask for help with organising parts of Convergence, to let people know what you are working on, to get feedback, etc. It is public, for private discussions please contact the people directly.

If you are only interested in notices but not the discussions, head over here to the notices email list.

Who it's for

It's open to everyone interested in contributing, or keeping up with what's happening behind the scenes.

Email (mailing) list

With this email list, you send an email to a single address (the list email address) and it is forwarded to all subscribers automatically. You must be subscribed to receive emails from or send emails to the list members.

To participate, subscribe here with your name and email address.

Click here to join

Important: Check your spam and bulk, etc. folders if you think you are missing organisation emails. Add the sender address of the notices email to your address book to reduce the likelyhood of it ending up there again. Spam filtering can be very aggressive these days.

How about using … ?

There are many ways of communicating electronically. An email list is not perfect, but is fast to set up and it does work. Social media (e.g. Facebook) is not really suitable.

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